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  • Wildlife Management Plans

  • Population Inventory (Alligator, Deer)

  • Habitat Evaluations, Mapping & Monitoring

  • Land Management Financial Planning

  • Property Surveys

  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys/Monitoring

    • Gopher Tortoise

    • Bald Eagle

    • Florida Scrub-Jay 

    • Caracara

*Certified Wildlife Biologist

*Gopher Tortoise Agent

Shea Wildlife & Environmental Services, Inc. is a division of AdminTerra that helps private landowners get the most out of their property for wildlife.


Steve Shea is a certified wildlife biologist with over 30 years of professional experience managing wildlife and their habitats in the Southeast. The team understands quality habitat means quality wildlife, so we dedicate our time to the conservation, enhancement, and professional management of those habitats.

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Shea Wildlife offers a variety of habitat and population management services including population inventories and monitoring, data analysis, habitat assessments, habitat management, and management plans designed to meet the specific goals for your property. SW specializes in upland and wetland ecosystem management, restoration and enhancement in Florida, and the management of game, nongame, and protected species.  Other services include; hunting lease management, forest resource management, and agency wildlife permit consultation and acquisition.

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